Reclaim Protocol is available in any format the developer wants to consume proofs on chain. Below are adapters that are used by many dapps.

Check out the demo video or live demo

PolygonID, on Polygon

Reclaim Proofs can be created using PolygonID. It can also be stored securely for later use on the PolygonID Wallet.

EAS, on Ethereum, Optimism and Arbitrum

Ethereum Attestation Service is a simple attestation framework. One can consume and publish Reclaim Proofs as EAS Attestations.

Verax, on Linea and Arbitrum

Verax by consensys is an improvement over EAS. A developer can use Verax to consume and publish Reclaim Proofs too. Verax is yet to be released for public use.


Reclaim proofs can also be stored on data backpacks.