If you are building any of these, you should definitely consider applying for a grant on Questbook.


Discounts & Deals based on shopping history

Shopping history has historically been proprietary information owned by the platform where the user did the shopping, like Amazon, Shopify, Ebay. However new applications can be built which poaches customers from other platforms by giving discounts and deals to power shoppers - by using reclaim Protocol to import shopping history.

Lending & Credit to SMBs

If you are building a product that lends to small businesses, you can probably don’t have onground intelligence of how much sales they are exactly driving month on month. You might have to rely on screenshots or screen share calls to determine their net sales. But using Reclaim Protocol, you can build a product that cuts the operational cost of verifying sales a user has made on Ebay, Shopify, Amazon etc.

Connecting Creators and Brands

Brands always need to know what is the real reach and engagement content creators on social media get. This information however, is accessible only to the content creator themselves on most social media and is shared via screenshots or sharing account credentials. Using Reclaim Protocol, you can let creators show their reach and engagement in a fast trustworthy manner.

Health Insurance

Give fast health insurance if the user has had a checkup from a reputed clinic and has no red flags. This information about their latest health report can be fetched using Reclaim Protocol.

Inflation Dashboards

Let people use Reclaim Protocol to share the price at which they bought essentials online, and where they bought it. Plot the average cost over time to be an indicator of the inflation by city or country.


Esports Tournaments platform

Tournaments need players of similar level to be pitted against other players of the same level to make the tournament fair and fun. A player’s rating is usually confined to the games they play and the platform the game uses, like Steam. To run a tournament on your app, you can let users import their level and scores from any game using Reclaim Protocol and then use this information for wagering.

Sharing economy

If you are building a new AirBnB, Uber or Doordash like product, you can poach drivers and hosts from the incumbent. You can do so by giving special access or deals to the top rated hosts. You can import their user rating using Reclaim Protocol, to help bootstrap this app.

Deals Marketplace

Let users connect their reputation from various sites like shopping history, city of stay, income, etc to get access to personalized deals. Brands can send a message to, for example, people who have spent more than $1000 on boots and live in New York. Let people connect their reputation from various sources using Reclaim Protocol.


Adult website restrictions

Impose rules around eligibility to access a website, primarily based on age. The user must prove that they are above 18 using their national id. The information from a national id can be imported using Reclaim Protocol.

Artificial Intelligence

Users provider data they have access to, to a fine tuning service. This service does not let users upload data that is not rightfully theirs. Users can prove that they have access to the said information using Reclaim Protocol. This may include emails, blogs, pdfs etc.

AI agent to AI agent communication

Humans trust each other based on social signals. If there are billions of AI agents, there is no concept of trust. The only way is if there are proofs for any claim being made. These AI agents can support their claims with citations from websites. These citations can be made trustworthy by making them zk-proofs, using Reclaim Protocol.

Captcha Alternatives

There must be better ways to prove that a user (human/bot) is not malicious than solving a captcha. Captchas are now solved easily by LLMs. Use Reclaim Protocol to build an identity based captcha. Read the specifications here.

Crowd sourced Scale AI

Scale AI ensures quality of RLHF. MTurk is a cheap option to do RLHF, but often the labeling is too bad for any practical use, because there are no incentives to do it well. Use Reclaim Protocol to build a mobile first Mturk that competes with Scale AI for the long tail usecases - by ensuring that the users labeling certain data have expertise in that field. If labeling skin diseases, make sure the user has a medical degree in dermatology.

Blockchain Applications

Data feeds

Chainlink provides Price Feeds from centralized exchanges. Build a decentralized version of Chainlink that providers other data feeds like sport scores, weather, stock prices etc. Use Reclaim Protocol to prove that the data was retrieved from a trust worthy source. Read specifications here.

Wallet recovery

Let users connect 5 social accounts to their wallet. If they later provide proof that they have access to 3/5 of the wallets, they can recover the wallet. This may be done using 4337 and resetting the EOA, or using thresholds to recover private keys. Use Reclaim Protocol to prove a user has access to the said social accounts.

Rare NFTs

Let users connect their credentials from web2 world - like employment, country, alma mater. Have a trait for each credential type. Let users mint an NFT. The rarity of the trait is determined by the rarity of the said credential. Use Reclaim Protocol to let users prove what credentials they have.

Crypto UBI

Create a new token. Airdrop those tokens every week to every unique human. Use Reclaim Protocol to prove that they are a unique human. Read more here on how you can use Reclaim Protocol to prove personhood. Similar to WorldID.

P2P Onramp/Offramp

Create a P2P onramp solution where the users must prove a fiat transfer using Reclaim Protocol. Only if they prove the fiat transfer, they get the equivalent crypto.


Use Reclaim Protocol to let users prove that they’re a human when claiming their airdrop. See here for more details on how to do it.


Prove ownership of certain real world assets using Reclaim Protocol and tokenize on chain.


Gated Communities

Build a bot for existing platforms like discord, telegram such that people who have certain credentials alone are allowed to join the community. Or build an app ground up with gated communities. Use Reclaim Protocol to prove that a user has certain credentials

Pseudonymous Social

Let users join a social network and stay pseudonymous. Instead of having them bootstrap their following, let them import their credentials and the platform enables auto follow. E.g. if you are a Stanford alum, any other Stanford alum that joins the network will automatically follow you. Use Reclaim Protocol to generate these credentials.