By Maxwell Allman

When you log in to your rideshare app, it might say that you’re a 5-star driver. Or when you log in to a banking website, it might say that you’ve never been late on a credit card payment. But how do you prove this information to someone else?

The Reclaim Protocol lets you take ownership over the data that you receive online. Reclaim lets you share your data with others while:

  • Proving where your data actually came from
  • Only sharing the parts of your data that you want to

So you can show that you’re really a 5-star driver without giving away your license plate number, or that you have great credit without giving away your bank account number.

If you’re a company and need to vet your users, Reclaim gives you a massive new tool set. Easily integrate Reclaim into your app, and have users securely sign into whatever website you want to read a credential from using an in-app browser.

Reclaim uses state of the art cryptographic technology, but the ideas are simple. Check out our video below to see how it works, or for more in-depth information: